Party Buses Grand Rapids Pricing

Party Buses Grand Rapids has the best prices! We work hard to keep our prices competitive so you'll never find a better price anywhere. Our rentals also include things like unlimited stops and mileage, which some companies charge extra for. On top of that, we promise no hidden fees! When we give you a quote for your rental that's the price you pay! We even have better overtime policies - while some companies charge you a larger hourly amount and round your time to the nearest hour, Party Buses Grand Rapids charges only at your contracted hourly rate rounded to the nearest 15 minute increment!


We also take many factors into consideration - a party bus rental is not one size fits all! Things like the date and time of your event affect pricing, as well as the size vehicle you choose. Because of these factors and our continuous efforts to keep our prices competitive and low, we do not publish our prices online. However, if you give us a call we can give you an accurate quote over the phone!

For Quotes: