Grand Rapids Party Venues

Today, compared to yesteryear, there are so many different types of venues that you can host a kid's birthday party. If you are just now starting to look, you might want to just ask your child if they had any particular place in mind. Maybe they had a friend that had a party somewhere that sounded really cool. The choices available are many and varied, everything from an arcade to entertainment centers to gyms to laser tag centers to Chuck E. Cheese. Keep in mind that the venue can make or break your birthday party. If you don't feel like trying to go out somewhere, you can always opt for the backyard or the garage or the basement and then rent a bounce house. You might even want to think outside the box and go with something like a camping trip at a nature park. What about bowling, many bowling alleys cater to birthday parties. Whatever you end up deciding, you just want to make sure that your child's party stands out from the crowd. As you being to search throughout the Grand Rapids area, you will find that the options are plenteous. The hard part for you is going to be figuring out which venue is the perfect fit for your child. So, with that goal in mind, we have provided you with a brief guide to some unique birthday party venues. We suggest that you do not limit yourself in any way unless you feel you need to for some reason. This is such an important decision that we highly recommend that you take your time and evaluate all of your potential choices. Then, make the best choice you possibly can based on the information that you gather.


An increasingly popular venue for a kid's birthday party is an indoor play gym. They usually offer a wide variety of birthday packages which means many different options for you. Food should be no problem as they are in the business of provided simple fare that goes well with birthday party plans. You will want to ask what they offer in terms of activities, but quite often one of the options they will give you is a staff member will be provided who will lead the kids through various games and activities. What do you thin of when we mention IKEA? Yes, we do too. But believe it or not, they offer free birthday parties for kids 10 and younger. Yes, we mean the furniture place. They have face painting, a magic show, cake and drinks. The birthday boy or girl receives a gift from IKEA as a bonus. Now you know we are not lying, there are some very unique options out there for you to discover.


What about a birthday party filled with all kinds of running and jumping and gymnastics. Every area, including the Grand Rapids area, has indoor play areas that are filled with huge inflatable slides, bounce houses, and obstacle courses. And there is no end to the options available in venues like this. Have you ever heard of glow parties, pirate guests, and superhero training. After all of the great activity and even the kids are ready for some time time, there are private rooms for snacks, pizza, drinks, balloons and party bags. The guest of honor will get to pose in a giant inflatable throne as they wear a crown and hold a scepter. Or what about a party centered around airplanes and space. Some museums that are dedicated to the story of flight now offer birthday adventures. Think about what a blast everyone will have when your child and their friends get to participate in hands-on activities that incorporate sled kites, Alka-Seltzer Rockets and foam flyers. Afterwards, a guided tour designed for kids, will be a huge part of their museum party experience. .


Does your child like to get dirty? What kid doesn't right? What about a trip to a botanical garden? Many of these facilities have birthday party programs. The kids will get to participate in plant-potting, easel painting, rock painting along with exploration of a wonder garden. In addition, other cool activities are incorporated like easel art with tempura paints, playing in a butterfly garden, and being creative with giant chalkboards. And these are just a few of the amazing options available out there. So, take your time and explore all of the options. We know you want to make this birthday party something beyond the norm.