Grand Rapids Magicians

So, you are really ready to up the ante at your son or daughter's birthday party. You are not just going to have everyone play pin the tail on the donkey or hit a pinata. You want to look into a professional magician to entertain and mystify all of those little tykes. And we have to admit, if a magic show is done right, there is truly nothing like it in terms of entertainment. But now that you have made a great decision like this, the question becomes how do you find the right magician for you and your party. We realize that this is not your typical hire and you may need a bit of advice to get you through. We suggest that you start by doing some homework first. Find some candidates in the Grand Rapids area that provide exactly what you are looking for. Then you need to interview a narrowed down list of potential magicians. And during each interview, it is very important that you know what questions you need to ask. To help you with your quest, we have put together this brief guide.


You need some potential magicians to interview. It all begins with the world wide web. We recommend that you do a Google search for “magicians in the Grand Rapids area.” We know that you will more than likely receive many more results than you can humanly check out. So, why not set a number that seems reasonable, say, 50 individual vendors. Peruse each website and determine which ones you really like. Be discriminating and write down the magicians that you are impressed with. You also should ask your family, friends and coworkers if they have ever experienced a magician at a kid's birthday party. Or perhaps they have even hired a magician. However you do it, once you have a list of potential vendors, call each one up and ask for a time to interview them. Make sure that you get clear answers to your questions. If you are uncertain about anything, ask for clarification.


Once you are across a desk or table from each candidate, you are ready to start asking some very important questions that you will want to pay close attention to the answers. Find out how many magic shows they do every year. How much experience do they have? This is essential, you need someone with quite a bit of experience. Learning how to perform in front of kids takes some real time. Do they specialize in performing for kids? This is something that we highly recommend. How much do they charge for their services? How long do they usually perform for? Make sure you understand what exactly is included in their fee. Are their any hidden fees? Do they require a deposit? Do they carry liability insurance? If the answer is no, run for the door. This will protect you in case there should be an unfortunate accident. If you make the right decision, this party could be the hit of the century. So, take your time and do your homework, it will be worth it in the end.