Grand Rapids Balloon Twisters

Alright, now the fun begins. The great thing about a child's birthday party is that everyone gets to have massive amounts of fun. And we don't mean just the kids either. Adults have a chance to suspend disbelief for at least a little while and enjoy the party as well. And there are so many elements of a children's birthday party. Of course, there will always be some tasty food like pizza and pop. Then here comes the ice cream and cake. For entertainment, you can hire a magician or a clown. There is always some kind of party games like pin the tail on the donkey or twister. But please allow us to make a suggestion that we believe will take your party into the stratosphere. Have you ever considered hiring a balloon twister? Some people call them balloon modeling or sculpting. Everyone, children and adults alike, will go nuts over this professional skill where everyone leaves with some kind of special keepsake. If you find a really good one, you will never go back to just a bland old party without a balloon twister. So, head out into the Grand Rapids area in search of a high quality balloon sculptor. Here is a guide of sorts to help you in your search.


Yes, we realize that some clowns and a few magicians that you hire can twist balloons into animals. But this is usually where their skill ends. A professional balloon twister has taken this genre to an entirely new level. We are talking about someone who focuses exclusively on the art of balloon sculpting. We don't know what you are willing to pay for a service like this, but keep in mind that this is a very unique skill and it's not like you will have to hire such a person every other week. But if you were wondering about the price, balloon twisters charge from $75 to $150 per hour and will produce anywhere from 15 to 100 finished balloons. Here is where you need to decide whether you want someone who is going to create only complex forms for the most part or do what is called speed twisting. Speed twisting is all about making something simple so everyone at a party can have one. For instance, a sword. Ask any candidates that you talk to about a package rate they might offer. You will need to determine what is best for your party.


If you are asking for a recommendation, look for someone who can twist 15 complex balloon structures or 100 simple shapes in one hour. They will provide their own balloons, pump and other equipment. AS you are interviewing anyone for this position, pay attention to their personality. It is great that they have the skill but you also want to them to promote good feelings in the way that they interact with everyone. Ask them if they are comfortable engaging with the public. Do they charge a travel fee? Is there a number of children that they are comfortable with?


Do they offer any discounts if you if you book them on a weekday? Ask for references. How experienced are they? What kinds of characters can they make? How complex? Check out their portfolio. Have them make a few right in front of you. Because they are going to be working with children, we highly recommend a background check. Once you have finished all of your interviews, you should have one candidate that starts to emerge from the pack.